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The People-centred View on the Energy Performance Certificates

If you ever wanted to understand Energy Performance Certificates and their ecosystem, we set out to create an infographic for you on the EPC journey. This Infographic will help you to get a better idea of what is implied in the process of obtaining an EPC, and it also shows the key aspects of EPCs (awareness raising, use, re-issuing).

The EPC system is a functional network of stakeholders and institutions that enable, co-create and otherwise support the existence and functioning of the national EPC schemes. Besides people who drive the system, it includes the EPC Scheme – a conceptual and legislative framework that includes protocols and methods that define the national rules and standards regarding the issuing of EPCs – and other non-animate means they use in their efforts to keep the system working.

Scroll down to experience the steps involved in obtaining an EPC and see the key stakeholders and also the challenges of the EPC journey. Once you go through each step, you can download the full infographic.

Raise Awareness


Arrange Assessment

Gather Data and Information

Process Data and Information

Issue EPC



The EPC Journey - The crossCert Infographics

EPCs are much more than just a document

Infographic in JPG

Download our infographics to understand the EPC Journey

Infographic in PDF