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Bulgaria: New generation energy performance certificates for buildings

17th of March 2022, Borovets , Bulgaria and online

The National Stakeholder Engagement Event of crossCERT project in Bulgaria was organized by EnEffect as a separate session called Quality Assurance on 17 March 2017, within the two-day national conference dedicated to investments in energy efficiency projects in municipalities, held in March in Borovets, Bulgaria.

Building energy performance certificates are a key tool for assessing the results of energy renovation projects and therefore play an important role in securing project financing. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure high quality in terms of performing the energy performance assessment, the process of issuing the certificates and their content. The main focus of the session was related to the topic of the new generation of energy performance certificates for buildings. In his presentation on this topic, Kamen Simeonov presented the main results of the sister project U-Cert, which is at the end of its implementation, and introduced to the audience the activities and goals of the newly launched crossCERT project. In the subsequent discussion, many issues were commented on regarding the draft of a new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and more specifically in the part concerning the certification of buildings, the need to improve the existing certificates in Bulgaria, the lack of practice for issuing certificates for renovated residential buildings within the framework of the National Energy Efficiency Program for multi-family residential buildings and others.