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What we do

This Horizon 2020 project is developing a product testing methodology for the new energy performance certificate for buildings.  
The crossCert project:

  • performs cross-testing between the current energy certificates and the new approaches/concepts/initiatives using more than 140 buildings in 10 European countries and creates a public benchmarking database of test cases
  • compares and analyses the results of the different approaches
  • prepares policy recommendations that include potential improvements in accuracy, usability and harmonisation
  • involves networks and alliances for analysis and outreach.

The project will build on exchange of knowledge among European stakeholders on existing and new EPCs in several member states. This exchange will include a wide cross-certification exercise among European countries, and the deployment of an internet-based EPC Knowledge Exchange Centre. The partners will recommend procedures and guidelines to ensure the quality and value of the new EPCs, and that they meet the new EU requirements. This procedure will consist of the evaluation of the new EPCs indicators (such as accuracy, data integration, replicability, understandable, verifiable, or data exploitation). A methodology will be created to assess them in a quantifiable manner.

The new EPC approaches will be improved through the analysis of the certification experience and results, and will be tested along the existing and new EPC frameworks. Guidelines for development of people-friendly EPC products and services will integrate new (and evolving) EPC approaches and capacity for tailored application on the level of individual EU member states. At the project end, new practices and features will be recommended to achieve the end-user acceptance of next-generation EPCs. This will be achieved by cross-testing both existing and forthcoming certificating procedures in more than 140 buildings in ten member countries.

As time goes by, you will find our Toolkit, our Knowledge Center, Documentations and Results as well as public reports of our work on this site.

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