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crossCert at the PrioritEE PLUS Final Conference

13th of June 2022, Tito Scalo, Italy and online

Final Conference of the PrioritEE PLUS project: Strategies towards carbon neutrality: the contribution of energy efficient buildings

The Final Conference of the Interreg MED PrioritEE PLUS project was organised in Tito Scalo (PZ) – Italy and online, marking the conclusion of a series of activities aimed at the development and transfer of decision support tools for energy efficiency in public buildings.The project aimed at improving the skills and planning capacity of local public authorities in energy and climate issues.

To this end, the project developed a series of analytical tools, such as the Decision Support Tool, for the characterisation of buildings and the selection of economically feasible and replicable technical solutions for energy efficiency in the different territories of Mediterranean Europe.

The presentations focused on the role of citizens, public administrations and building energy efficiency policies in achieving climate neutrality goals and on the key factors for the energy transition at the urban scale. The speakers (Nicolas Garnier, Carlo Alberto Nucci, Edoardo Croci, Mariangiola Fabbri, Filomena (Fulvia) Pietrapertosa, Norberto Fueyo and João Pedro Gouveia, Vincenzo Bianco and Peter Schilken) analysed the challenges to the decarbonization of the building sector and presented the results of several projects aimed at this end.

Norberto Fueyo, additionally to the work developed in the PrioritEE Plus project, presented the CrossCert project (see downloadable PDF) in the third session focusing on the energy efficiency tools for buildings in relation to European certifications.