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Next Generation Energy Performance Certificates Conference – EPBD Recast Edition

23 May 2024, 9:00 - 17:30 CEST Mundo Madou, Brussels and streamed online

The 2024 Next Generation Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) Conference was organised in the greater context of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) Recast to bring forward valuable insights and applicable outcomes.  Moving towards the completion of the Horizon 2020 funded projects crossCert, EPC RECAST, EUB SuperHub and iBRoad2EPC, the joint conference was held on 23 May 2024, physically at Mundo Madou, Brussels.

The four projects, each unique with its own perspective on the issue of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), presented their insights and outcomes and discuss with their peers during four sessions by setting the scene, providing and overview of policy-related outcomes and applicable solutions, deep diving into the Key Exploitable Results of the projects and providing third party feedback and views.

Participation to the event was free of charge, but prior registration was required. The event was streamed online, the recording of the stream will be available soon.

The event, located at the Climate Alliance Brussels Headquarters in the Mundo Madou building is provided in the framework of the HORIZON 2020 project crossCert in collaboration with the Next-Gen EPC Cluster projects EPC RECAST, EUB SuperHub & iBRoad2EPC.


09:30 09:35 Welcome   Presentations
09:35 09:45 Global context, EU policy context, EPBD recast Pau Garcia-Audi , DG ENER.B3  
09:45 09:55 Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe / LIFE relevant actions and results Sylvain Robert, CINEA  
09:55 10:05 Energy Performance Certification & Certificates: what's missing? Hélène Sibileau, BPIE  
10:05 10:25 Quick introduction and perspectives By the 4 project coordinators  
10:25 10:55 Coffee break    
    Part 2: Overview of insights and outcomes Moderator: Alice Corovessi, INZEB  
10:55 11:10 Cross testing EPCs across Europe: Lessons learnt from crossCert Norberto Fueyo, University of Zaragoza  
11:10 11:25 Overview of insights & outcomes from EPC RECAST Olivier Greslou, CSTB  
11:25 11:40 EUB SuperHub project overview: drivers, needs, applications to serve the next generation EPCs Andrea Moro, iiSBE Italy  
11:40 11:55 Integrating the iBRoad2EPC light version renovation passport with current EPC schemes to boost the decarbonisation of the EU's building stock Marianna Papaglastra, Sympraxis  
11:55 12:10 Synthesis of selected key insights from the 4 projects Alexander Deliyannis , Sympraxis  
12:10 12:25 Q&A    
12:25 13:25 Light lunch    
    Part 3: Deep dive into the Key Exploitable Results Moderator: Dominique Caccavelli, CSTB  
13:25 13:40 Forging links within differing country contexts: iBRoad2EPC's modular approach and adaptable database of renovation advice Peter Mellwig, ifeu  
13:40 13:55 EUB SuperHub CEN Workshop Agreement “A Harmonisation of KPIs for the next generation of EPCs” Elena Mocchio, UNI  
13:55 14:10 Deep dive into Key Exploitable Result of EPC RECAST Sarah Noye, TECNALIA  
14:10 14:25 EPCs in Europe: How Much to Harmonise? Prof. Dave Jenkins, HWU (crossCert)  
14:25 14:55 Q&A    
14:55 15:10 Coffee break    
    Part 4: Third party feedback and views Moderator: Rui Fragoso, ADENE  
15:10 15:40 From project results to EPBD implementation: The Energy Agencies perspective Austrian Energy Agency: Nicole Hartl CRES (Greece): Andreas Androutsopoulos ENEA (Italy): Fabio Zanghirella KAPE (Poland): Karolina Junak  
15:40 16:10 A market look at the recast EPBD implementation: how can the four projects' outcomes help? EuroACE: Rémi Collombet European Builders Confederation (EBC): Spyros Mathioudakis Interventions by European Federation of Intelligent Energy Efficiency Services (EFIEES): Valérie Plainemaison European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA): Jean- Marie Simon  
16:10 16:25 Conclusions and closure    
16:25 17:10 Networking and drinks    


How to get to Mundo Madou

Mundo Madou main entrance : Avenue des Arts 7-8,1210 Brussels

Environmental responsibility is a key concept. To reach Mundo Madou, we strongly advise you to choose walking, cycling or public transport.


  • A brand new bicycle highway runs right in front of the centre (Avenue des Arts)
  • The closest "Villo" station is Madou, 1 minute away
  • Find the easiest bicycle on the bicycle map of Brussels
  • Park your bike in the courtyard (visitors of Mundo-madou and Tandem)
  • 50 bike racks are at your disposal in the parking garage (access with badge, members only)


Brussels Central Station is a 15 minute walk away. Route via Google Maps.


Lines 2 and 6: Stop: Madou, exit through 'Leuvensesteenweg/Chaussée de Louvain / Madouplein/Place Madou ' (1 minute walk)


From Brussels Central Station, stop at Madou (7 minutes)

  • Bus 65, direction Bourget
  • Bus 63, direction Cimetière de Bruxelles/Begraafplaats van Brussel
  • Bus 29, direction Hof ten Berg
  • Bus 66, direction Tol/Péage


Mundo Madou is wheelchair accessible through the main entrance (Avenue des Arts 7-8).