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Deep Renovation of Buildings: What Energy Performance Certificates can do

News from the sister project QualDeEPC

The Deep Renovation Network Platform

The deep renovation network platform (DRNP) is an information tool focused on building deep renovation created in the QualDeEPC project. QualDeEPC has developed or improved such national online platforms, which primarily work as an online information hub related to deep renovation and energy performance certification. It also includes renovation recommendations per type of residential building matching deep renovation standards and an online calculation tool for both building owners, potential buyers, and tenants to compare with more traditional renovation recommendations.

CRES built on an existing platform in Greece, the “Energy Hub for all” which now is upgraded towards Deep Energy Renovation!  

The “Energy Hub for all” is the online one-stop-shop for the technical, financial and legal information needed for improving your residential building’s energy performance in Greece. Check the online tool for estimating the potential improvements of your home’s energy performance towards deep energy renovation.