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A decision support tool

About PrioritEE

PrioritEE (2017-2019) (https://prioritee.interreg-med.eu) was an INTERREG MED project to strengthen the policy making and strategic planning competences of local and regional public authorities in the energy management of public buildings in five Mediterranean countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Croatia.

This aim is pursued, among other routes, by improving the knowledge of the energy status of local buildings by developing a dynamic and collective toolbox aimed at identifying the optimal set of measures to reduce energy consumption, upgrade the efficiency of buildings and foster appropriate energy consumption behaviours. The same objective is currently pursued in the ongoing Interreg MED PrioritEE PLUS (2021-2022) project, capitalisation of the PrioritEE project, in which the key component of the PrioritEE Toolbox, the Decision Support Tool (DST), is improved and transferred through a structured capacity building program to local authorities in new territories in Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Decision Support Tool (DST)

The main instrument developed and used by PrioritEE is the Decision Support Tool, Figure 1. It is an online based tool created in the course of the PrioritEE INTERREG MED project (and improved through its follow-up project PrioritEE PLUS) with the aim of helping local and regional authorities in relatively quick and easy evaluation of potential energy (and financial) savings by applying energy efficiency measures and evaluation the potential for integration of renewable energy sources in public buildings.

The Decision Support Tool can be viewed as quick, lightweight means of assessing the energy performance of a building or a set of buildings, and of ranking the effect of several potential energy-efficiency measures. It thus shares some common aims with Energy Performance Certificates, but the use of the Decision Support Tool requires less of a specialised knowledge.

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