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crossCert Knowledge Exchange Centre (KxC) on EPCs: A blueprint

Sneak Peak at the Upcoming KxC

A wealth of information has been generated in recent years on the energy certification of buildings, including analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of current approaches, and suggestions for new ones. This information has multiple origins, such as regulatory bodies, professional associations and research initiatives like crossCert itself.

For instance, the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations (REHVA) and Knowledge Centre for the building and building services sector in The Netherlands (ISSO) have developed and maintain the EPB center at epb.center, which aims “to become the core service center for information and technical support on the use of the set of EPB standards”.

One of the goals of the crossCert project is the creation of a web-based repository for organising this wealth of information on next-generation EPCs, and sharing it among the EPC community.

The information will include a description of recent and upcoming EPC schemes and the results of the assessment carried out in crossCert on the several aspects of EPCs: requirements, performance gap assessments, user friendliness, data exploitation.

Beyond the information generated in the project, crossCert’s Knowledge Exchange Centre KxC will encompass the relevant work from previous similar projects, as well as information arising from other stakeholders. The platform will eventually allow for the creation of summaries, how-to’s, guides, analyses and opinion pieces by authenticated stakeholders.


A blue print for the crossCert Knowledge Exchange Centre KxC has been created in the early stages of the crossCert project. The information in the KxC can be accessed in the form of both a curated list of themes and a curated list of topics.

The themes are:

  • Analyses of current EPC methodologies;
  • Legislation on energy performance of buildings;
  • Relevant EU Projects;
  • Building repository, with information about the buildings cross tested in crossCert;
  • The crossCert project itself.

The curated list of topics (Search by topic) will allow KxC visitors to:

  • Perform a free text search in the KxC
  • Display all the documents under a topic
  • Perform a tag-based search

The crossCert Knowledge Exchange Center will be hosted at crosscert.unizar.es. If you would like to engage with the crossCert project for the design of the Knowledge Exchange Centre, or have information to contribute, or have otherwise any suggestion, kindly get in touch with Norberto Fueyo at Norberto.Fueyo@unizar.es.