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The Survey on Design and Experience of EPCs

Join Our 10-Minute EPC Survey and Help Shape the Future of EPCs!

Are you ready to make an impact and influence the future of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)? We need YOUR valuable insights to create a better EPC experience!

Do you interact with an EPC and use its output? If you belong to any of these groups, we are particularily interested in your insight:

  • Departments in local authorities/municipalities where EPCs are using for local decisions on building projects
  • Building project managers
  • Building services engineering companies, architects, building construction firms
  • Trade organisations/institutions in areas of the built environment
  • Energy assessors
  • Those using EPCs in local/regional/national policy

We are currently investigating the design of next-generation EPCs across Europe and we want to hear from different users about their experiences with EPCs and thoughts about where these might go in the future. To do this, we have made a short survey (<10min) for users to fill in. We are interested in hearing from a wide range of users – so if you have any reason to use the outputs of EPCs then your feedback on this will be important to us.

Many thanks for your time!

Take the Survey here!