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3rd Steering Meeting of CrossCert at the Climate Alliance International Conference in Luxembourg

On 28-29 September, CrossCert held its third steering meeting as part of the Climate Alliance International Conference to discuss project progress to date and coordinate efforts to achieve the next goals

The CrossCert project consortium met in Luxembourg at the end of September, where each partner reported on their individual progress. Each partner had the opportunity to coordinate their efforts with the consortium and talk about possible obstacles to overcome. A large part of the meeting was also used for a special technical session where the different people responsible for the technical harmonisation of the calculation methods in Europe sat together and worked out the technical basis of the project. Due to the close proximity to the international conference of the Climate Alliance, the partners were able to participate in several events, such as the keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Reese, a professor of environmental psychology, or a panel discussion on energy security.