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First Look on How crossCert Tests 147 Buildings

New publications available! We unveil the crossCert EPC testing procedure for 147 buildings and elaborated on what crossCert means by human-centred design of EPCs. Have a look:

Image by Lorenzo Cafaro from Pixabay

EPC Cross-testing Procedure: The Design of the crossCert Cross-Assessment Tests

This report describes a cross testing procedure that circumvents the major practical obstacles in carrying out cross testing of the planned 147 buildings.The deliverable includes a review of the status of EPCs in the crossCert countries, to set out the status quo and provide a basis for the development of the methodology and indeed for the rest of the crossCert project. The cross testing requirements are set out and we describe the rationale for selecting the buildings that will be the subject of cross testing. The report also provides the full list of buildings, comprising 147 buildings to be tested, the cross testing protocol and the detailed methodology we have used for selecting buildings.

Report on existing EPC attitudes, expectations and needs

This report provides a fresh perspective on understanding energy performance certificates (EPCs) from a people-centred perspective. More specifically, it provides a framework for people-centred research of all EPC related things, with a specific focus on how policies are translated into practice through interaction between people, and on the elements of EPC assessment and certification service and its products (the EPCs).

Download both reports in our Knowledge Center!