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Express your interest on information on existing practice of Energy Performance Certificate use!

Climate Alliance is now inviting stakeholders to express their interest in providing information on their existing practice of EPC use. Our aim is to include real-life experiences of EPC users into developing a better Energy Performance Certificate framework that is usable, practice-oriented and supports renovation strategies and climate action plans. 

crossCert  is helping contribute to the success of the next-generation EPCs to improve usability and make them more people-centred. We will help to create a testing methodology for the new energy performance certificate of buildings approaches. This methodology will then be applied among energy authorities current Energy Performance Certificates and the new concepts, using more than 140 buildings in 10 European countries.

To express you interest, fill in the form below and join fellow colleagues for a first informal online exchange planned for this Spring (date subject to change):

Express your interest and join our first informal meeting by clicking here!